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CHALLENGE | Ted Talk Auditions

Have you heard of TED? I’ve been a fan of TED for years now, and am often surprised to hear that it’s not more widely recognised.

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

TED is currently staging a global talent search. They will be accepting 1 minute video entries proposing ‘ideas worth spreading’. I can’t think of a better opportunity to challenge my public speaking goal.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been deliberating over what to talk about. I have a variety of ideas that all need further developing. I could work with a personal story, since it is a common theme and since my own story is one with lessons worth sharing. Instead, I’ve decided to continue working on my Life Documentation concept.

We are the first generation to be documenting our lives in the public domain and we are now projecting our lives into the internet at alarming rates. For various reasons, which I will go into detail about, I believe this will have a serious impact on our psychological and interpersonal upbringing.

I strongly believe that we are now uploading our lives into the internet in a way that allows for us to project who we see ourselves as and actively pursue what we want to make of ourselves. I believe it is possible to use our content to map our way, mentor and inspire one another when it comes to making a living out of our passions.

This is essentially what I will be developing for my talk. Ideally, I intend to break down the concept so that it can be presented in a 1 minute video and then I will have to work to develop the entire audition presentation.

I honestly don’t expect to be chosen. TED is such a big deal and I know thousands will be submitting incredibly intriguing, well-practiced and well-developed content. Nonetheless, this is the perfect opportunity for me to work towards my goal of putting together a great presentation for public speaking events.

I intend to document the process of this idea coming together and will keep you updated as the audition process unravels. Stay tuned!

Here are two TED Talks that I relate closely to:

Amber Rae – The Art of Being Unreasonable


Jacob Cass – Building a Personal Brand

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