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About JGB

Hi! I’m Jess Genevieve Brown (JGB).

Making JGB refers to my plight to make a living out of my passions. I am JGB. I am going to make myself.

I am all about conscious, positive online presence.
– I am a digital storyteller on Facebook
– I use Twitter as a means of curating ambient awareness
– I track and document my goals and productivity through my blog and Facebook Page
– I vlog here and there on Youtube
– I use Instagram to showcase my visual interests and my every day life


The most important thing you should know about me is that I am an infinitely passionate, dedicated hard-worker who is actively (perhaps obsessively) pursuing a lifelong dream of making a successful living out of my skills and interests.

This lifelong dream isn’t just about success. It’s about becoming a thought leader, having an impact and leaving my mark. I’m determined to find my niche, build my tribe and my develop body of work.

I left home at 15, worked hard to make ends meet throughout my teens and, after putting myself through university, I indulged my free-spirited, independent nature and fearlessly chased any personal or professional experience that made my heart sing.

In university I got educated in Film Studies, took on a Film Production mentorship and fell in love with working in the Arts through a stint at Crown Corporation Telefilm Canada. I then followed my heart to the other side of the world where I continued to pursue my passion for the Arts, this time in the live music industry. My adventures helped me to uncover what I truly care about, what I am genuinely good at and what I want to pursue for a living.

In 2015 I became an Australian citizen and returned to Canada with well-developed skills and strong knowledge in my areas of interest. I am all about: digital storytelling, social media metrics, analysis and reporting, content creation and curation, transmedia, the internet, data, thought leadership, tribes, innovation, media relations and personal branding.

At present, I count myself lucky to know where I am destined to leave my mark. I am a Communications/PR professional specializing in Social Media Strategy. I promote talent and makers of all kinds working in Arts and Media.

I truly believe the world responds in amazing ways when you make plans, put the time & work in, and when you  steer your life with passion, positivity and determination. Thanks to the ways of the world, I am now employed full-time at the Academy of Canadian Film & Television where I have the opportunity to promote Canadian talent to Canadians and to the world. We have an astonishing wealth of talent in this country and I intend to make it my life’s work to build more awareness around the movers, shakers and makers making a name for themselves in Canadian Arts and Media. Armed with passionate determination, tons of ideas and a hard-work ethic, I intend to immerse myself in this role and build my network (tribe) and my body of work.

If I can help you in any way, or if something you read here resonated with you and made you want to reach out…please do! Let’s start a conversation. I’m all about meeting new people and learning through sharing. I am always eager to take part, to contribute and to inspire.


#BackFortMac Benefit Concert 2016 Social Media Volunteer
Field Trip Music Festival 2016 Volunteer
Canadian Screen Awards Red Carpet 2016 Volunteer for TouchwoodPR
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television TIFF Party 2016 Social Media Volunteer
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013 Volunteer
Melbournder International Film Festival (MIFF) 2013 Social Media Intern
MIFF 2013 Front of House Volunteer
Meredith Music Festival Volunteer (4 years in a row 2010-2014)
Golden Plains Music Festival Volunteer (4 years in a row 2010-2014)

Co-Organizer and Social Media gun for Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne (2013-2014)

Coordinated and promoted a concert fundraiser for the Victoria Roller Derby League (whom I trained with). Booked 3 bands (The Rechords, Death Rattles and Cherrywood) into the East Brunswick Club and raised over $2000.


Girl Geek Dinners presentation on Personal Social Media

WordCamp Melbourne (WordPress Conference) 30 minute presentation on ‘Documenting Life Through Blogging’ (Read a review)

Ted 2013 Audition


Wordcastnet.com interview on the topic of Life Documentation.


The Internet

I believe we currently live in a significant chapter of the digital era. Social media and tech have created new planes of existence and identity development online. I believe we will eventually invest at least half of our time and attention IRL (‘in real life’) and half of our time through devices and online presence. I believe it is detrimental that we become more aware of our online presence and that we use the internet in ways that positively affect our identity development and everyday realities. Instead of mindlessly uploading and projecting skewed realities online, we must learn how to use the internet more consciously, in positive ways that transcend into IRL experience and existence.

  • Access to Information / Data
  • Innovation & Tech

Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Mentoring

  • Make Yourself

I live by the Make Yourself philosophy, a motto I came up with in my pursuit for success and personal fulfilment. I am best known for my positivity, my determination and for being passionate, open and honest. My life goal is to inspire and empower people to make a living out of their passions.

  • How To Make Yourself

For years now I have been applying my entrepreneurial spirit to a passion project called ‘Make Yourself’. Through this endeavour, my aim is to develop an e-course business inspired by Marie Forleo’s B-School and Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame

How To Make Yourself aims to teach talented, motivated individuals how to:

  • find a niche that applies their skills & interests
  • set challenges that develop personal and professional skills and experience
  • build a network that creates opportunities
  • create content that tells a an ongoing digital story
  • develop a social strategy that showcases and promotes a personal brand through online presence

Watch this space: www.howtomakeyourself.com

The Arts

  • Film

Foreign film, independent film and documentaries are at the top of my film interest list. I enjoy screening Academy award winners and festival award winners of past and present.  A dream of mine is to attend (for work and for pleasure) every major film festival in the world. I love film because it provides me with the opportunity to experience people, places, cultures, lifestyles, perspectives and stories I might not otherwise have access to. I’m in awe of the baffling amount of time and effort that goes into bringing movies to life. I work in film because it is a profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.

  • Music

I am a huge music nerd who is passionate about the history of music. I listen to almost anything and everything I can get my hands on, I love to chat about what people are listening to and share music suggestions. My iPod collection of 120GB of music is my version of a record collection. I have been diligently growing, organizing and curating my collection over the years. I tote it around everywhere I go. I am an old soul whose heart sings and feels at home in the presence of Jazz from the 50s and 60s Soul. I grew up surrounded by old school Hip Hop, then branched out to House and Electro during the dancing frenzy that was my early 20s. I became obsessed with the classics and hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s while in University. In Melbourne I was introduced into an intricate punk/metal scene and fell in love with dark and moody doom and sludge music. I dig pop and anything that moves me to dance or sing like nobody’s watching. Music festivals bring me to my free-spirited happy place. While living in Melbourne for 4 years, I worked in the live music industry at a venue called The Corner Hotel where I was lucky to not only attend but also work for hundreds of local and international touring shows.

  • Social Media

– Digital Storytelling

– Content Creation & Curation

– Organizing/Tracking/Analysing/Reporting on Data


  • Writing

– Journaling

– Creative Writing

– Articles


  • Editing, Proofreading

– Spelling, grammar and formatting enthusiast/perfectionist


  • Career Counselling

– Helping people to determine their skills and interests

– Teaching people how to apply themselves to their skills and interests

– Helping people to market their skills and interests

– Teaching people to make a living out of their passions


  • Mentoring

– Life Coaching

– Listening, Advising, Counselling


  • Networking

– Industry Events, Parties, Galas

– Conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops

– Meetups

– Tribes


  • Natural Skills

– Interpersonal, people-person skills

– Communications (written and spoken)

– Multi-tasking
– Working Under Pressure

– Planning, organizing, coordinating, administrating, micro-managing

– Confidence

– Energy and Passion


  • Developed Skills

– Social Media

– Social Networking

– Personal Branding

– PR/Publicity


  • Skills to Further Develop

– Digital Storytelling: Video Editing

– Video Hosting

– Interviewing

– Public Speaking

– Graphic Design

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